A superhydrophobic spray coating from NeverWet makes sure the only ice you encounter is the friendly kind.

Ice is great for cooling your lemonade, treating a sprained ankle, or building an ice hotel in Quebec, but when it forms in the wrong place it can create problems.

Ice buildup on homes— for example, on a roof or doorway— can cause significant damage. Freezing water can cause short circuits in electrical insulators, ruining equipment and disrupting service. Ice buildup on airplane wings and electrical transmission lines or towers can even have fatal consequences.

Anti-Icing Coatings Keep You Safe & Reduce Costs

An anti-icing coating in the right place can go a long way toward reducing costs and enhancing safety. Superhydrophobic coatings from NeverWet® provide a solution to the challenges of ice formation. Since water droplets can’t touch coated surfaces, the freezing droplets merely fall away.

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