NeverWet® serves a variety of purposes

NeverWet has partnered with a wide array of companies to bring our patented superhydrophobic technology into various industries and applications. Check out some of our partnerships here, and experience the NeverWet difference for yourself!

Where can I buy NeverWet?

BathSense: Annoyed by all those dirty drips that end up on the toilet seat or the floor after using your toilet brush? With the NeverWet brush sets available from BathSense, you no longer have to worry about spreading germs through your house with the water from your toilet brush. This brush uses a hydrophobic coating technology to keep water from holding on the brush and dripping off after use. With BathSense, you're getting the quality of an industry leader in innovation.

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BEARPAW: Founded in 2001, BEARPAW is committed to designing high-quality, comfortable shoes with a fashion twist. Every one of the designs found through BEARPAW is treated with NeverWet superhydrophobic technology for long-lasting quality, guaranteed.

View BEARPAW's line of NeverWet products here!

Bell Automotive: Bell Automotive, a leading brand of automotive accessories, offers seat covers that add customization to your vehicle while protecting its upholstery. Our seat covers protect your seats against dirt, dust, fading, scuffs, and much more. Now offering products enhanced with NeverWet durable water-repellant solution.

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Budge: Throughout the years, Budge Industries has built a name as the most trusted manufacturer and distributor of protective cover and film products for a wide range of vehicles. Now equipped with NeverWet superhydrophobic technology, Budge stands out as a leader in the automotive protection industry.

Find Budge's line of NeverWet covers on their website!

Dockers: Since 1986, Dockers has been a household name for the busy, working family. These products boast uncompromised quality and essential style. Now equipped with NeverWet technology, Dockers is more versatile than ever before!

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Perfect Fit: The Perfect Fit NeverWet Luxury Furniture Slipcover Collection will keep your furniture looking chic for years to come. Each formfitting slipcover is soft to the touch and has a water-resistant treatment that defends it against everyday spills. Keeps your furniture looking stylish while helping to protect the original upholstery against everyday spills. Water- and stain-resistant.

Find Perfect Fit's line of NeverWet Luxury Furniture Slipcovers on Bed Bath & Beyond's website.

ScentLok: For over 25 years, ScentLok has endlessly pursued perfection. Today, it’s finally here. Complete with NeverWet superhydrophobic technology, ScentLok is dedicated to achieving the ultimate whitetail hunting system.

View ScentLok's line of NeverWet products here!

Totes: For over 90 years, Totes has been the premier rain gear supplier. Through their attention to detail, high-quality materials, and now the introduction of NeverWet superhydrophobic technology, Totes has built a reputation as the go-to brand for all of your rainwear needs.

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