NeverWet oleophobic oil-repelling treatment

is a superhydrophobic and superoleophobic coating system that repels water and oils from treated surfaces like no other. This revolutionary product causes liquids and oils, such as hydraulic, machine and motor oils, to roll off of surfaces, keeping them clean and dry. NeverWet can be used on metal, concrete, masonry, wood and more.

  • Oleophobic - creates a surface that repels water and oils
  • Repels chemicals such as lubricants, hydraulic oil and fluids, machine and motor oil, and food-grade oils (like olive oil)
  • Helps manage the flow of lubricants, oils and other liquids for easy cleanup
  • Ideal for protecting electronics, mechanical equipment and surfaces that must remain clean from water, oils and accumulation of contaminants such as sand or dirt
  • Two-part system applies by air atomized spray (Industrial use only)

Fast-acting - After base coat is applied, wait 45 minutes and apply top coat. NeverWet will repel water after 30 minutes. Wait 12 hours for optimal performance.

Oleophobic Top Coat can be used with either Multi-Surface Base Coat or Heavy Duty Base Coat.

For best results, surfaces must be dry, clean and free of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants.

Where can I buy NeverWet?