WMCTV5 Andy Will it Work?

WMCTV5 Andy Will it Work?

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

I donned my Never Wet-suit for this one!

We made a mess out of a bunch of stuff to test Rust-Oleum’s Never Wet. The $20 2-can treatment claims to make fabrics, household plastics, tools, almost anything hydrophobic — repelling liquids and some solids to keep them from sticking to nearly any surface.

Online demo videos of Never Wet span from the practical (water-proofing toilet-scrubbers) to the outrageous (covering the company’s CEO with chocolate syrup, mustard, soda and sauces).

That caught the attention of Joe Pickler, CEO of Zounds Hearing Aids franchise centers in Olive Branch, MS, and Germantown, TN.

“Most of the times, when I’m eating, I wear what I’m eating,” Pickler chuckled. “I think it would be something that would be very good — and for household use.”

Never Wet‘s instructions say it works best when it is allowed to cure for 12 hours. I spent an evening treating several items, spraying the 2-part treatment as directed and curing as recommended.

Pickler and I dunked two toilet-scrubbers in water — one untreated, the other treated with Never Wet. The untreated scrubber gushed water from its bristles. The Never Wet-treated scrubber was bone dry, except for a few bristles that I apparently didn’t quite treat thoroughly.

I stabbed an untreated garden shovel into a mud pit. The surface tension of the grime just stuck to the blade. But the grime either would not stick or just slid right off a Never Wet-treated shovel.

Chocolate syrup and red wine vinegar either slid right off a Never Wet-treated canvas shoe or beaded up like rain on a waxed car. Mustard did not fare as well — until we rinsed it in a sink. Never Wet repelled the mustard AND the running water: no mustard stain, bone dry!

Then it was time for the Never Wet-suit: a white undershirt and white scrubs, treated with the product.

Pickler dumped a barrage of stuff on me: cola, red wine vinegar, chocolate syrup, mustard and home-style gravy. The Never Wet only failed to repel the gravy and mustard from the clothes.

Pickler had seen all he needed to see. “I’d buy it. I think it works!”

Never Wet is sold at The Home Depot. Its instructions say it is not permanent. It will have to be reapplied after a length of time.

It also works better on plastics, concrete and other surfaces than on fabrics.

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Posted 10/15/2013 in news