BEARPAW Takes A Major Step Toward A Big European Expansion

BEARPAW Takes A Major Step Toward A Big European Expansion

“Within a year, we have been immensely successful in expanding our presence in North America through highly visible partnerships with Neverwet by Rust-Oleum, Quagga Accessories and the launch of apparel and outerwear. We also have made substantial additions to our domestic executive finance and marketing teams and increased brand awareness through TV commercials and magazine advertisements. Based on the strong foundation that we have built here so far, now is the right time to further expand our efforts to creating a sturdy base in Europe,” says John Pierce, President of BEARPAW.

Moving forward on building the company’s presence with existing partners across Scandinavia, Baltics, and throughout Central and Eastern Europe, new partners from various companies are being put into place to service markets of Western Europe for the Fall 2017 season.

“Our BEARPAW team has created a great stable of quality, comfortable, and stylish products and with new representatives in place, we look forward to bringing these products to more European consumers,” says Kevin McDonald, BEARPAW’s Vice President of International Sales.

Over the last 15 years, BEARPAW has introduced an extensive line of footwear, apparel and outerwear and is now available throughout the United States and will be in over 45 countries throughout the world.

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Posted 09/05/2017 in news