NeverWet Technology Repels Water, Muck and Mud

NeverWet Technology Repels Water, Muck and Mud

The rain and snow won’t stop just because you’ve got a trophy buck in your sights. That’s why hunting apparel and gear needs to stand up to whatever Mother Nature can dish out.  Realtree encourages mills that produce Realtree licensed fabric to select and applyNeverWet® technology by Rust-Oleum® to ensure the hunt doesn’t have to end when the bad weather’s just getting started.

hunter walking through water with neverwet and rust-oleum written over he image  

You know Rust-Oleum® as leader in innovative coatings, primers and spray paint.  Now,NeverWet® by Rust-Oleum® treats textiles with a revolutionary formula that keeps the items you love dry, clean and breathable.  NeverWet®Fabric Mill DWR was developed for easy application at the textile mill level and is ideal for use on polyester, nylon, canvas, poly/cotton blends, and other synthetics.  This formula was designed to withstand up to 40 wash cycles and still provide water resistance.  NeverWet® treated fabric allows liquid to form nearly perfect spheres and roll off surfaces, keeping items dry but still breathable.  This treatment also has a self-cleaning property that helps dirt and debris rinse away easily after the hunt is complete.  All of which adds value to your manufactured goods.


Whether the outdoorsman is walking into the field and exposed to the dew from the night before or caught in an unexpected shower, NeverWet® treated fabrics will keep you dry and comfortable.  Walking, sitting or standing during a hunt, can leave gear and apparel exposed to a variety of elements.  Items can become wet and heavy, leaving the outdoorsperson cold, tired and impatient.  Realtree fabric treated with NeverWet® will not only protect him or her from these elements, but will provide them with the confidence of knowing that he or she can press on in wet conditions.

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Posted 09/05/2017 in news