Technology On the Hunt with ScentLok

Technology On the Hunt with ScentLok

Marking one of the most significant advancements in hunting apparel since ScentLok Technologies pioneered scent-controlling activated carbon technology in 1992, ScentLok has recently teamed with Rust-Oleum® to offer hunters a new, high-performance option for staying dry, comfortable and stealthy in the field without the use of stiff and noisy membranes.

For nearly a century, Rust-Oleum has been a worldwide leader in manufacturing protective paints and innovative coatings across categories including small project paints, cleaners, primers, automotive, industrial, wood care, and now fabrics, with their remarkable NeverWet® technology.

Rust-Oleum NeverWet is a superhydrophobic treatment designed to create a moisture repelling barrier on a variety of substrates, and help keep fabric dry, clean, and breathable. The treatment makes water, blood and light oils literally roll right off the surface, while possessing self-cleaning properties that help dirt and debris rinse away easily.

“Hunters are exposed to a wide variety of environmental conditions, so their apparel is an ideal application for our product,” says NeverWet OEM Account Manager, Troy Wood. “With the introduction of NeverWet treated apparel, ScentLok has proven itself once again as a pioneer in the industry.”

“We owe it to our customers to provide products that deliver the highest level of performance in the field,” says ScentLok Technologies CEO, Patrick Hylant. “This fabric treatment sheds massive amounts of rain and allows hunters to stay on stand when the skies open up without the use of stiff and noisy laminates. Being a hunter myself, I firmly believe that once hunters experience NeverWet firsthand, they’ll never go back to membranes or less effective DWR finishes.”

Silence is Golden

ScentLok apparel with NeverWet should be considered headline news for bow hunters, who no longer need to choose between staying dry or staying silent.

“Full Season Taktix has been created to give bow hunters every possible advantage,” says ScentLok Technologies VP Marketing, Nick Andrews, “and this incredible NeverWet treatment is a key part of that overall formula. Now, bow hunters can make the position adjustments they need to – on stand or during the stalk – and draw their bows without fear of their clothing making any noise… all while remaining dry and comfortable. That’s a really big deal.”

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Posted 10/17/2017 in news