What are Some of the Most Creative Uses for NeverWet?

What are Some of the Most Creative Uses for NeverWet?

So, you’ve decided to give NeverWet superhydrophobic products a shot – how will you use them? Of course, there’s the standard uses like outdoor furniture protection or footwear liquid protection, but what if you got creative with it? These products are so versatile, they can be used nearly anywhere!

Check out a few brilliant uses for NeverWet products that our customers have discovered – with so many applications, you’ll be bummed that you didn’t purchase these products sooner!

Fall Cleanup

Fall is just around the corner, and you know what that means – leaf cleanup! Sure, you’ll wear gloves to avoid being poked by rogue twigs or thorny weeds, but what’s worse than wet gloves? We’ll answer that: not much. With NeverWet Fabric, you can keep your gloves clean and dry during even the wettest fall leaf cleanup projects.

Cleanup Everywhere Else

What are some indoor cleaning products that you would love to see stay clean and dry? What about those pesky bathroom cleaning products, or even your kitty’s litterbox? Adding a coating of NeverWet Multi-Surface can eliminate unsanitary drips from toilet bowl to holder for plungers and toilet brushes, though based on the frequency of use certain products may need to be retreated from time to time.

Kids’ Creations

Remember the simpler days when a cardboard box could entertain your kids for hours? Even if your children are older now, a magnificent cardboard box castle is still a fun outdoor activity. Prolong the life of your kids’ creation with NeverWet Multi-Surface – leave that castle standing, even if rain is in the forecast. We’ve got you covered!

Keep your Gear Clear

Whether you’re an avid hiker, biker, walker, or really anything outdoorsy, NeverWet Fabric and Hunting & Outdoor Fabric is a great product for you to keep stocked for all your fabric. Backpacks, hiking shoes and clothing, and tents are all subject to the elements when you take a trip up the mountain (or to the backyard). Protect your gear (and your wallet) from needing replacement with NeverWet! And don’t forget about your hunting apparel!


Yes, there are Totes umbrellas that are pre-treated with NeverWet Fabric, but what if you have an umbrella that’s a family heirloom or one that you love and don’t want to discard? Trust our NeverWet Fabric spray to keep your umbrellas drip-free and hassle-free for years to come.

There are hundreds of applications for NeverWet products – what are some of the most creative uses you’ve seen? If you’ve come up with your own NeverWet applications that should be added to our list, feel free to contact us with details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted 09/23/2019 in news