What are Water-resistant Sprays and Superhydrophobic Coatings?

What are Water-resistant Sprays and Superhydrophobic Coatings?

The term “superhydrophobic” might sound complex, but what is really means is super water-resistant and super-protected. You’re probably already familiar with it, just in a different way.


The NeverWet brand is virtually synonymous with superhydrophobic.


If you see the NeverWet name on your Realtree or Mossy Oak hunting clothes or on your Rust-Oleum paint can, you’re reaping the benefits of the science behind the term.


Hydrophobic Coating Technology

Hydrophobic literally means fear of water and NeverWet’s superhydrophobic coating technology gives all kind of surfaces a superpower protective layer against water. It makes water so fearful that it forms into a droplet and rolls away almost immediately.


Famous brands like RealTree and Mossy Oak use it to help hunters and outdoorsman stay outside longer with clothing that’s protected against inclement weather. A superhydrophobic coating weakens water’s ability to bond to a surface. It forces rain to form into droplets when it lands on fabric, and the repelled water then rolls off the surface.


For metal surfaces, fabric, carboard and other surfaces that deteriorate or are destroyed by moisture, NeverWet superhydrophobic water-resistant coatings are the superhero blocking out the enemy.


The Science of Water Repellency


Here’s a very simple scientific explanation as to why these water-resistant products are so great at protecting against inclement weather.


When a water droplet falls on a surface that’s been treated with a hydrophobic or superhydrophobic coating, it forms a sphere. The coated surface hates water so much that instead of water spreading out on the surface, water sits on top like a ball and a contact angle is formed. That angle pushes the spheres of water off the surface.


The water droplets that form on a hydrophobic surface usual have a contact angle of 90 degrees or more. Water droplets on a superhydrophobic surface have a contact angle of 150 degrees or more. Either way, those angles are enough to “push” away the water.


A bonus with those droplets moving off the surface: They carry particles of dirt with them!


Hydrophobic Spray for Fabric


All sorts of fabric benefit from the water-resistant power of NeverWet coatings. BearPaw brand boots and Totes brand umbrellas use NeverWet’s industrial fabric formulations to provide protection against moisture and to prevent stains. In the big picture, finding a NeverWet hang tag on your fabric product means you’re getting a money-saving benefit with that purchase.


Although these superhydrophobic formulations are for industrial use, NeverWet’s Boot & Shoe spray is a one-step, superhydrophobic, water repelling treatment designed for consumers to use. It’s a treatment that keeps footwear dry longer, protecting suede, leather, and canvas without discoloring.


PFC-Free Weather Protection

NeverWet also offers industries an environmentally friendly PFC-free water repellent finish for fibers. Its fabric treatments offer superhydrophobicity without the dangers of perfluorinated compounds (PFC). PFCs are manmade chemicals that are used in durable water-repellent coatings, but they are harmful to the environment.


Auto and Glass Protection


Auto Interior’s one-step liquid-repelling treatment is designed to keep your car’s interior dry, protecting upholstery, carpet, leather, and more. Again, NeverWet makes industrial coatings that protect metals and glass, but there are also retail products available for the same purposes.

Adding a superhydrophobic treatment to your windshield boosts its anti-icing performance too!


Tired of scrubbing water marks and soap scum off your shower doors? NeverWet’s glass formula provides a heavy-duty water shield for shower doors.


Use it on windows and other glass items. Tired of scrubbing the dirt off your basement’s sliding glass door? NeverWet Glass Cleaner provides streak-free, long-lasting protection that keeps glass shining and wards off those annoying, dirt-carrying splashes caused by torrential downpours.


The Superhydrophobic Superhero


NeverWet offers industrial coatings that are also oleophobic, repelling various oils like hydraulic oils and motor oil.  With famous brands like Realtree, Mossy Oak, Bearpaw and Totes (just to name a few) embracing its water-resistant power, NeverWet is virtually the superhero when it comes to fighting water. Learn about the different ways NeverWet products are used.

Posted 03/10/2020 in news