How to Keep Winter Boots like Bearpaws Clean

Finding a comfortable, stylish pair of winter boots can be a challenge. Bearpaw boots are both, plus they’re protected against the elements with NeverWet.

The Bearpaw brand of boots, shoes, and slippers are well known for offering fashionable and trendy boots that are comfortable to wear throughout the fall and winter season. NeverWet is named among the Top 10 waterproof spray for shoes in the Z9 Buyers Guide.

Let’s face it, riding boots are sleek and stylish, but they’re nowhere near as comfortable as this soft, fleece-lined footwear! And platform, rubber boots? So chunky and awkward.

Plush boots like Bearpaws let you walk around in virtual slipper-like comfort and get away with it, fashion-wise.

Comfortable Boots Can Stay Clean

Don’t think you need to trade the comfort of a plush boot for a type of boot that might seem easier to keep clean.trendy comfortable boots

Bearpaw partners with NeverWet, creators of the superhydrophobic, crystal clear spray that keeps water and dirt off fabrics and other surfaces.  Adding this stain protection to its fall and winter footwear gives it self-cleaning power.

That means you don’t have to compromise comfort for cleanliness. You get both.

Superhydrophobic surfaces repel water at a contact angle of about 150 degrees. Surfaces without hydrophobic properties typically have a contact angle of less than 80 degrees. What all that means is this: When water hits the surface of a boot treated with NeverWet, it’s “pushed” off the surface. While it rolls off the surface of your boots, it can take oil, dirt, and mud along with it.

NeverWet’s superhydrophobic water-repellency helps keep winter boots from staining.

Watch this video comparing a pair of Bearpaw boots left untreated with NeverWet and a pair of Bearpaw boots treated with NeverWet.


How Should I Care for my Winter Boots?

Bearpaw boots and other winter boots treated with NeverWet should be cared for by using a damp microfiber cloth and special spray cleaner (look for the Bearpaw Shoe Cleaning Kit). Evenly and gently clean the surface with the cloth. Gently rinse. Let your winter boots dry naturally. Don’t use a heater or blow dryer to dry your winter boots. This could cause the suede to harden.

Once your boots have air-dried completely, buff them with a suede brush. If you notice a decline in repellency, you may need to reapply NeverWet footwear spray.

More Tips for Making Boots Last Longer

To help your winter boots keep their shape longer, stuff towels or scrap paper into them until they stand upright on their own.

Store your boots in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

To keep odors out of your winter boots, place a couple of teaspoons of baking soda and a couple of teaspoons of cornstarch into the boots and shake that around. Let that powder mixture sit inside them for a few hours. Dump out the powder mixture once you’re ready to wear your winter boots again.

You spent money on those trendy, comfortable boots. These tips will help you get your money’s worth and let you enjoy your winter footwear longer.

Posted 09/14/2020 in news