My Face Mask Stinks: What’s the Best Way to Keep My Face Mask Fresh?

My Face Mask Stinks: What’s the Best Way to Keep My Face Mask Fresh?

Mask-wearing policies are still in place and for those in the health field, face masks are “part of the uniform.” No matter what line of work you’re in, you likely notice that sometimes your face masks stinks. At the very least, it does not smell fresh, even with daily washing.

If you’re wondering, how can I stop my mask from stinking, we have the answer. NeverWet products have been keeping things “fresh” for decades and now, with our partners at Aromar, we offer a spray that keeps face masks fresh the best way possible: naturally.

NeverWet’s mask sprays are perfect for disinfecting cloth masks while also getting rid of unwanted germs. This new sanitizer spray and mask freshener is infused with natural peppermint oils and limonene. These two ingredients offer a long-lasting, pleasing scent.

Lab-tested, NeverWet face masks refresher spray also contains natural antibacterials to protect essential workers and everyday mask-wearers from germs.

Mask Sanitizer + Refresher sprays are FDA-approved and a renewable way to sanitize and kill germs on reusable masks as well as surgical masks. They may offer the additional benefit of helping you breathe more easily.

How Should I Sanitize My Face Mask?

You can wash your mask daily with water and laundry detergent or mild soap. If you plan to use bleach, use a solution of 4 tablespoons of bleach to each quart of water. However, the smell left behind by bleach is very unpleasant and can cause irritation to the facial skin and to the throat. We recommend spraying our Mask Sanitizer + Refresher on any masks washed in bleach.

How Can I Make My Mask More Comfortable?

  • If your ears hurt from wearing a face mask, consider buying one that ties in the back rather than one that fastens to your ears with elastic loops.
  • Alleviate ear pains by sewing buttons to the end of a headband or cap and fasten the elastic ear loops to those buttons instead of to your ears.
  • Aromatherapy and essential oils can help decrease anxiety and help make breathing easier. Essential oils, however, need to be properly diluted. Mask Sanitizer + Refresher spray by NeverWet has done this for you and made the application easy.
  • Consider using anti-fog sprays on eyeglass lenses prior to donning your mask to help stop your eyeglasses from fogging when you exhale.

Will Mask Spray Help Prevent Maskne?

Maskne (mask acne) is caused by clogged pores. Because a mask traps moisture and your skin already has a buildup of bacteria and oil, wearing a mask can worsen acne or cause acne and/or skin breakouts. Mask Sanitizer + Refresher is a face mask disinfectant spray, which will help kill bacteria.

It Seems Like Wearing a Mask is Causing Migraines; Can This Spray Help?NeverWet Mask Sanitizer Refresher

Health experts say that mask-wearing is not the cause of headaches or migraines, but we have heard of people who seem to suffer them more since the mask mandate was issued. Latent stress from the risks of COVID may be the cause of headaches or migraines occurring more frequently during the pandemic. In addition to stress-reducing techniques, aromatherapy using NeverWet Mask Sanitizer + Refresher may help prevent migraine attacks. Always speak with your physician regarding sudden or recurring headaches and migraines.

Can I Spray Perfume on My Mask?

Perfume, when breathed in concentrated form, can cause headaches and throat irritation. We recommend that you spray pleasing scents made from natural ingredients.

Can I Buy Face Mask Freshener in Bulk?

Yes! The Mask Sanitizer + Refresher is available to wholesale. Visit here to inquire about wholesale fresh mask spray. Curious about other NeverWet products? Visit



Posted 04/19/2021 in news