Can A Golf Shoe Improve My Game?

Can A Golf Shoe Improve My Game?

Golfers know a successful game requires great coordination and upper-body dexterity. So, what’s that have to do with your shoes? A golf shoe that provides stability, support, and traction can improve your game by helping you maintain the proper stance, enhance your club head speed on the downswing, and provide overall better traction that captures vertical ground force.

NeverWet superhydrophobic technology plays a huge role in the latter: Traction. Read on to learn how this water-repelling advantage can help improve your golf game.

Should I Get Waterproof Golf Shoes?

With our new OEM partnership with Payntr Golf, we’re helping golfers worldwide maintain traction on the golf course even in wet conditions.

Payntr, renowned for its high-performance Cricket gear, recently debuted its Payntr X 001 F golf shoe. The company says its design methodology is “deeply grounded in the biomechanics of the golf swing and an understanding of the on-course needs of the golfer.”

The shoe helps golfers to better harness vertical ground force with outsoles designed to prevent rotational slippage, responsive midsoles to provide flexibility along with stability, breathable cushioning, and NeverWet’s superhydrophobic technology to bead water directly off your golf shoes in wet conditions.

Why Play Golf in the Rain?

While golfing on a sunny, breezy day may be ideal for most golfers, there are advantages to golfing in the rain or on days when intermittent showers have caused the grounds to become wet.

Some people find the rain improves their game (slows down their golf swing to yield benefits and the course typically is less crowded).

The same superhydrophobic technology that keeps the rain off Payntr golf shoes is in the design of the new Payntr golf gloves, giving you even more reason to golf in any kind of weather.

Can I Use Spikeless Golf Shoes in Rain or Wet Conditions?

Yes, you can wear spikeless golf shoes in wet conditions. In fact, some golf courses don’t allow spiked shoes on the course in wet conditions because they can damage the ground. The rubber lugs on the Payntr golf shoe are designed to give you traction, along with comfort and flexibility for the twists and rotations required to perform your best. Spikeless golf shoes are more versatile than spiked golf shoes, enabling you to wear them from car to clubhouse.

Posted 06/25/2021 in news