NeverWet Helps ScentLok Taktix Shed the Rain


ScentLok Full Season Taktix is one of the best brands in hunting gear and NeverWet’s superhydrophobic technology plays a large role in why hunters and outdoor people choose it.

Hunters know the misery that can ensue when the clouds open while you’re in the woods waiting to bag a buck or waterfowl hunting in the mist and fog.

ScentLok apparel not only helps you shed “human” smells with its Carbon Alloy™ technology, but it repels water, mud, blood, and other liquids with NeverWet technology.

NeverWet Keeps Hunting Clothes Drywoman hunting in rainproof Scentlok Taktix

Most raingear is treated with durable water repellent (DWR). NeverWet’s water-resistance goes beyond DWR. NeverWet is superhydrophobic, so fabrics treated with it are extremely difficult to moisten. ScentLok Taktix gear is also oleophobic, thanks to NeverWet.

That means that when your camo gear gets wet, water droplets also carry away oil particles and dirt.

Breathable & Waterproof Hunting Gear

Finding waterproof rain gear for hunting is one thing; finding waterproof hunting clothes that are breathable is another. ScentLok full season gear, like its popular Taktix hunting pants and jackets, repel water but also breathes.

Sometimes the technology that creates a barrier to water ends up preventing fabrics from letting out moisture. ScentLok apparel with NeverWet is breathable and maintains its soft feel. This not only enables hunters to stay out in the wood longer, even in rainy weather but also helps them stay comfortable.

Neverwet’s superhydrophobic technology keeps ScentLok Taktix clothing quiet, too. If you’ve ever tried to sneak into your treestand in lesser brands of waterproof clothing, you probably know how loud the “swishing” of fabric can be in the woods.

NeverWet makes superhydrophobic coatings and liquid-repellent sprays for different consumer & industrial applications.

Gear to Hunt All Season

ScentLok full-season jackets can be worn mid-October through the cold of December with the right layering underneath. Ample pockets, stretch-fit cuffs for clear bow shooting, and NeverWet’s wicking abilities make it a popular brand of hunting gear.

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How to Care for ScentLok Clothing

ScentLok clothing is machine washable using cold water and on the gentle cycle. According to the manufacturer, under normal conditions, ScentLok products need to be washed about 2-3 times per season. Washing can loosen some of the excess carbon.

‍NeverWet fabrics are washable up to 70 home launderings before a loss of hydrophobicity.

We recommend reading the instructions on apparel tags for the most up-to-date cleaning instructions on your hunting apparel.

View ScentLok’s line of NeverWet products here!

Posted 10/07/2020 in news