How To Clean A Shower Fast: Tips to Make the Job Less Hateful

How To Clean A Shower Fast: Tips to Make the Job Less Hateful

Having to clean the grime off your shower is one of the least pleasant chores. The quicker it’s done, the better.  These tips will help you clean your shower quickly, without suffering the overpowering stench of bleach.

Start by removing everything that’s in the shower. That way you’re free to move quickly without knocking things over and the grime hiding underneath your body washes and shampoos can get blasted. Now, let’s finish this!

How to Clean the Shower Without Using Bleach Or Smelly Sprays?

Spray your shower tiles and the tub with a mixture of 2 cups vinegar and 3 tablespoons dishwashing liquid soap. Wait a few minutes for it to do its thing and then thoroughly rinse.

Follow up by shaking about a teaspoon of baking soda onto a wet sponge and gently scrubbing the tiles. (Don’t use this on marble tile or any other natural stone as this acts as a mild abrasive.) Rinse again.

You should see quite an improvement already.

How Can I Clean My Glass Shower Doors Quickly?

Soap scum can be stubborn, but you can beat it. Spray it with that same vinegar and soap mixture you made for the tub and tiles. Let it sit for a few minutes.  Using a squeegee, scrape the residue off. (You can also use a utility blade but take care that you don’t cut yourself!)

Rinse well and dry with a microfiber towel.

How Can I Keep Mold and Grime Off My Shower Curtain?

If you have a fabric shower curtain and liner instead of glass shower doors, you can still finish the chore quickly. Toss the liner (even a plastic one) into the washing machine with a small amount of your usual laundry detergent and a ¼ cup bleach. Wash on the gentle cycle. If possible, hang it out in the sunshine to dry.

Wash the fabric curtain the same way, but in a separate load and use 1/2 cup laundry detergent and 1/2 cup baking soda. Wash on the heavy cycle (high agitation). Inspect it for any mold stains once you remove it from the washer. If it’s clear of any marking, you can machine dry it. If there’s still evidence of mold stains, spot clean NeverWet Fabric Cleaner, a one-step, fabric cleaning solution.

Once dry, use NeverWet Extreme Fabric Water & Mud Repellent to keep it cleaner, longer. This product uses superhydrophobic technology to preserve the fabric. NeverWet Extreme Fabric Water & Mud Repellent is a fluorine-free, durable water repellent.

How to Clean Your Shower Head Easily?

Here’s the fastest way to clean a shower spout and get open any clogged holes. Pour distilled vinegar into a plastic bag. Secure the plastic bag at the neck of the shower spout while immersing the showerhead into the bag and the vinegar. Let the showerhead soak for a few hours. (Go enjoy a cup of hot coffee and a Netflix show in the meantime; you deserve it!)

Remove the bag and, using a scrub brush, gently scrub away any remaining mineral residue.

How to Quickly Get Rid of Bathroom Smells?

Now that your shower is sparkling clean, keep the bathroom smelling fresh with NeverWet Refresh Odor Eliminator. It neutralizes bathroom odors rather than covering them up like traditional home sprays. You’ll have a fresh-smelling, clean bathroom that will remain clean longer.

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