Extend the Life of Your Things and Save Money

Extend the Life of Your Things and Save Money

The recent quarantine to avoid the COVID-19 virus has a lot of us delaying any unnecessary shopping trips. Nationally, data shows a decline in consumer spending (although some merchants received a lifeline through e-commerce).

Yet even when more shops and businesses start to open and people feel comfortable enough to venture out on shopping trips, changes in employment status and economic uncertainty will probably keep us focused on buying only what we need and making the things we already own last as long as possible. Getting the most out of what you have is the goal!

We compiled some helpful hints on how to make some of your things last longer and help you save money:

Make Your Boots, Shoes, and Sneakers Last Longer

  • Buy quality footwear. You might pay a bit more at the start when purchasing a trusted brand name, such as Vans, Toms, or Nike, rather than a less expensive, off-brand. Often, though, a trusted brand name boot, shoe, or sneaker will last longer because of the quality in manufacturing.
  • Boots and shoes can benefit from a protective sole. Removable, sticky shoe soles make it easy to add a protective barrier to the bottoms of your boots and shoes. Just cut them to the shape of your footwear and glue them on.
  • Protect your footwear with NeverWet Fabric rain and stain protectant spray. This one-step superhydrophobic treatment will keep boots, shoes, and sneakers dry longer and help keep dirt and stains from forming on the fabric. It’s ideal for leather, suede, polyester, cotton/poly blends, and canvas.
  • Keep their shape after each use. Consider storing your sneakers in their original shoe box and/or use a wooden shoe tree to maintain the shape of your shoes. If your boots come with long cardboard “sleeves” on the inside, keep those and continue to use them after wear to keep the top portion of your boots stored upright and help maintain their shape. Alternately, you can use crumpled newspaper or plastic bags stuffed inside your footwear to help maintain its shape in between use.
  • Use a shoehorn. It seems old-fashioned but using a shoehorn really can help save the backs of your shoes from losing form and make them last longer and look nicer.

How to Make Camping and Hunting Gear Last Longer

Whether you’re an avid hiker, campground member, or just someone who occasionally ventures to the outdoors for a long walk in the woods or a weekend overnight stay on a beachside camping site, you depend on your gear.

  • Inspect your tent regularly. If you see a small tear or rip, repair it immediately using duct tape or adhesive specifically made for camping tents. You’ll prevent the tear from worsening.
  • Rather than wrestle with any stuck zippers on your camping or hunting gear, try rubbing bar soap or candle wax on the zipper to first lubricate it. 
  • NeverWet Fabric Spray and NeverWet Sports & Outdoor spray are two great products that give you a return on your investment by keeping tents, backpacks, and other outdoor gear protected. In one-step, you can apply water-repelling power to your camping and hunting equipment with a NeverWet coating. Not only can these products add a protective surface against moisture, but the liquid-repelling properties also help repel dirt and grime that can otherwise build up on your gear. This barrier can potentially add years of life to your tent, fanny packs, hammock, cloth camp chairs, and more.
  • Clean your gear after each use so that mildew and mold never become an issue. Store your camping and hunting gear in bins in an area with low humidity. 

How to Make Your Car Upholstery Last Longer

Not only will a little extra care for your car’s interior pay off in its longevity, but if there comes a time you need to sell it, that care can add to the resale value from maintaining a nearly new appearance.

  • The main thing you can do to make your car’s upholstery, and its interior in general, last longer is to keep it clean! That means taking all fast-food wrappings out of the car as soon as possible. Better yet, don’t even eat fast-food in your car. Weekly or monthly, use an interior cleaning product like NeverWet’s Auto Interior to keep your car’s upholstery and floor mats protected against moisture and stains. Vacuum regularly.
  • Road salt can get inside your car too, from your shoes dragging it inside. Throughout the winter season, pay attention to the interior part of your car’s doors to make sure all corrosive road salt is removed. 
  • Use an interior surface cleaner and a terry cloth towel monthly to wipe off the dashboard, center console, steering wheel. A microfiber cloth works well also. If you need to get into tiny spaces to get rid of crumbs, try using a toothbrush or tiny bottle brush, and them vacuum away anything you dislodge.
  • Use a glass cleaner sprayed on a cloth to keep your rearview mirror clear and to wipe away grime from the window interiors.

How to Make Outdoor Furniture Last Longer

  • Enjoy these nice outside temperatures while you can but make sure your family is treating the outdoor furniture gently, so it lasts longer. 
  • When not in use, store your cushions in a safe place where there is little humidity and they’re protected from the elements.
  • Clean debris from the cushions and framework of your outdoor furniture to extend its life and prevent critters from wanted to set up their homes in between them.
  • Make your fabrics water-resistant with a superhydrophobic, NeverWet coating that offers water-repellent benefits.
  • Many outdoor umbrellas already come with a protected fabric but are sure to keep it debris from layering on it. You can clean it with mild dish soap and water, allowing it to air dry. Once clean, prolong your deck umbrella with a NeverWet coating. Its water-resistant power can offer additional deck umbrella protection and its superhydrophobic properties can help rainwater roll off while carrying dirt away.
  • Check out more tips on how to protect patio furniture from bad weather and help it last longer.

Frugal Like a Pro

The cost-saving benefits of NeverWet coatings are well-known globally and we’ve partnered with a wide array of companies that realize our patented superhydrophobic technology and NeverWet sprays can add value and consumer-appeal to their products.

From BEARPAW and Dockers brand shoes to Totes umbrellas and ScentLok hunting gear, NeverWet adds to the lifespan of stuff!



Posted 05/18/2020 in news